Saturday, September 13, 2014

Zebras be Clowning Around

I know I've skipped a few days of Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge 2014 - honestly, I need to upload images from my camera and do all the work that goes along with making the posts. Alas, I'm here with day 13 where I've added a little something to my day 9 look; thus, creating a fun and funky Zebra!
Ever since I first set eyes on Lush Lacquer (now known as Polish Me Silly) Clowning Around I've wanted to do animal print (and houndstooth) over it; yet somewhere, once acquiring it I never did. Well, I decided this time around, I was doing some form of stamping before it could come off!
Underneath two coats of Clowning Around I initially applied my day 8 look using butter LONDON Lillibet's Jubilee and OPI Pure 18K White Gold and Silver Top Coat. Then for today's added punch, I stamped using my much loved Cult Nails Nevermore and MoYou London Back to the 80s plate 02, and Pro Collection plates 04 and 05.
For stamping like this (i.e. that is likely to extend past my nails), as well as sponge manicures, splatter manicures, and likely watermarbling in my future I've found applying OPI Peel Off Glitter Base Coat works like a dream. Prior to this the best thing I'd found was Vaseline; and no, glue really didn't work to well for me either. I know I'm not the only one out there who may shy away from messy nail art techniques because of the dreaded clean up after so I want to share how well the particular method works for me.
Prior to painting my nails or stamping, etc. I apply the Peel Off Glitter Base Coat around my nails (sorry, no photograph). I've found it's okay if I get it on my nails; just run your nail or an orange stick around the edge of your nail before removal after nail art application. I also prefer to apply my top coat before removal so it dry after for final clean up. Once your nail art is completed, gently start at one end (where nail lifts away from finger) and peel off the base coat. If you're having a hard time getting it to lift up, washing your hands/getting them wet does the trick nicely.
Repeat this on all nails, you my find there is some residue left over. Below is a look at my nails after only peeling of the base coat and prior to clean up.
Any residual can easily be removed with nail polish remover and a brush, q-tip, or whatever you general use to cleanup your nail art (I've recently misplaced my cleanup brush, so my example is a little lacking, heh). And voila - you can quickly and easily clean up those messy nail art looks you so love and/or desire to try!
I hope you're all having a wonderful week. It's hard to believe week two of the #31DC2014 is almost to an end. I hope you liked this post with a little added tutorial twist. What methods have you found to help you clean up your messiest nail art applications?