Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Clowning Around at Lillibet's Jubilee

Day 9 of Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge 2014 adds a little something to my day 8 look - Rainbow glitter.
Yesterday's base included butter LONDON Lillibet's Jubilee and OPI Pure 18K White Gold and Silver Top Coat.
Over these I layered two coats of Lush Lacquer (now known as Polish Me Silly) favorite Clowning Around.
Then, to create a more brushed metal/concrete meets splattered graffiti finish I applied OPI Matte Top Coat.
Honestly, I really love how these turned out. I think the matte effect really completed the manicure. Plus, OPI Pure doesn't lean so yellow with additional other colors in the mix.
Keep your eyes peeled because I decided to add another twist to these nails for a later prompt in the #31DC2014. Can you guess what I did next?