In the spirit of amicability I am laying aside some of my mystery and sharing a tad about myself. My name is Christine; although my family and friends fondly refer to me as Tinetine, Tine, ~ine, or some other variation of the ending of my name. There are many stories associated with my nicknames, and occasionally songs; so please set free your imagine and enjoy. I also possess many other nicknames, but you'll likely be filled with many questions about them...? (Hmm...I've left you wondering what they could be now.)
I am a nurse by profession, but with a very artistic nature. Art, whether on nails or canvas, or in the designs of my crafting and jewelry making, is my passion. I truly love creating, and unfortunately do not enjoy it enough. Hence, I decided to start a blog of my nail art to both provide me with a creative outlet and a place to reflect on my previous works. Getting to share with you, my readers, is just an added bonus which makes what I do even more rewarding. So, thank you. I hope I inspire you to live your passions; and please know, your kind words and wishes are always appreciated.
(Oh, I also do acting and modeling on the side...)