Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pahlish Zhang Qian's Expedition, Electric Ghost, and Lady of Raynham Hall

As promised, I have some Pahlish swatches and reviews for you, including Zhang Qian's Expedition, Electric Ghost, and Lady of Raynham Hall. All swatches show three coats with top coat. I found they all dragged some if applied in thin coats, however thicker coats did not. All the same, my thin coats even out nicely with topcoat. Also, all of these polishes appeared lighter in the bottle than on the nail; so if you order them or similar polishes put it on your nails before thinking you purchased the wrong shade.
Zhang Qian's Expedition - "Warm nude creme (to crelly) with iridescent charcoal flakes and copper micro-flake and taupe shimmer." Think of a speckled egg with an iridescent twist. This is a gorgeous nude with endless possiblities. I seriously love this polish.

Electric Ghost - This is a pale lavender creme to crelly (creme/jelly) with metallic gold and shimmering blue/purple flakes. It truly is a ghoulish apparition that beckons to be seen. Once I put this on my nails I didn't want to take it off, so I added some nail art that can be seen here.

Lady of Raynham Hall - "An ethereal dove grey jelly with metallic gold sparks and spectral aqua blue shimmer, very spooky!" This polish reminds me of sun dancing on lake waters. This has the most flakes of the three shown. Simply gorgeous.
So which do you like best? I find myself really enjoying creme & crelly polishes with flakes, and Pahlish has been doing them a lot. I've been good at resisting purchasing more ;) You can purchase Pahlish in their Big Cartel shop, and following them on Facebook (FYI: they host lots of great deals and giveaways). Feel free to  leave me you're feedback or any questions you might have. In addition, let me know if you have any requests/ideas you would like to see. All my polishes are purchased by me (or a gift from a friend, not supplier) unless otherwise stated.


  1. Hello! I am one of the participant for Will Paint Nails for Food's Beginning Blogger Boot camp. :] I have few feed backs for you:

    I noticed that each of your entry are quite long and it can be tiring for the readers to scroll all the way down, so I recommend you to add the jump break section to shorten the length. So that way you can lure in your readers if they are curious enough. :] It also is more fun to create your own jump break logo just like I did with mine. :] You can check out mine if you are curious.

    Overall, I love your swatches and designs! Especially the seashell you did. They are gorgeous! The way you took your pictures are good too! I need to buy my own camera ugghh I broke mine a while ago :[ Anyway, keep creating awesome designs & inspire others! :]

    1. Thank you so much, I've noticed the length too (esp when doing challenges), still figuring out all the settings and what I like best. And your banner is amazing!

  2. Heya, I'm also from the beginner blogger bootcamp... and also trying to figure out how to work page jumps lol. I love the theme/design of your blog a lot, it's so calm with a lovely subtle colour scheme. I like your photos, though for personal preference I prefer the ones with your fingers facing down just because the slow a little more natural. The only other thing I can think of is I've seen several bloggers use captions if they have a lot of photos in a row and I find it keeps my jumpy brain more focused lol. Oh and I love your watermark (slightly random I confess!). Seriously your blog is great :).

    Ps. Sorry for delete I commented in the wrong place and it was irritating me lol.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I tend to do my nail art so it faces me when I hold my hand(s) up; thus I got into the habit of doing "upside down" photos, heh. I tried a lot of different fonts to find the perfect watermark (I use PicMonkey to do the bulk of my editing); I'm glad it hasn't gone unnoticed. I'll try to keep the captions in mind for future posts too. I love photos, so I tend to focus on those if you can't tell.