Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dotted Lines

So, I'm finally getting caught up on my old challenges for The Crumpet's 33 Day Challenge, and I have day 28's (dotted) lines to share.
I wanted to keep the lines simple because I loved my base polish so much (Pahlish Electrostic Ghost-will link review once posted), so I slightly mimicked a french manicure using dots and lines. Not my norm, but I still liked the change. Added bonus, it's quick and an easy way to switch up a day old manicure. 
Polishes used: Pahlish Electrostic Ghost and Color Club Art Club You're Golden.
Please feel free to  leave me you're feedback or any questions you might have. In addition, let me know if you have any requests/ideas you would like to see. All my polishes are purchased by me (or a gift from a friend, not supplier) unless otherwise stated.