Sunday, September 7, 2014

Purple Pedicure

So technically I'm a day late for Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge 2014 featuring violet/purple; but yesterday was jam packed and my energy was expended far too quickly for me to even attempt posting before now. With that in mind, this post is going to be very light on photos.
Yesterday, I went for my first pedicure. I was so excited - the atmosphere and massage chair were delightful. Then, one of the workers scolded me for not calling ahead to tell them I had a latex allergy even though they had supplies on premises. I wish they would have just said, "Next time please call ahead so we can be sure to have supplies ready for you visit." Then, the woman doing my pedicure told me it didn't need nail art when I asked about it; and when I said I would just have to go home and do it myself she said, "Fine, do that." It just left an ugly taste in my mouth; especially since I was there with a group and other girls go nail art. I just felt like I was being punished for having an allergy rather than being treated like everyone else. Alright, upsetting rant over.
At least I picked a pretty purple jelly (OPI - I can't remember name). The nail technician applied the polish heavier on my great and second toe because the polish was running low; but I really do like the end ombre-like effect. One day when I'm less symptomatic and feeling up to doing nail art on my toes I will - so I need ideas! Please leave your suggestions on the comments. #31DC2014