Friday, March 28, 2014

'80s Reloaded Skittle

Dudes and Dudettes! Today I have a phat manicure from my archives inspired by Glitter Daze Reloaded and the '80s <- when I was lucky enough to be born. Added bonus, lucky was Lacquer Legions prompt for today. Aside from a few bogus mishaps (I could not find my excellent stamper), I truly dig how my nails turned out. Honestly, who doesn't love a totally radical throwback!?
Yet again, my base color for this manicure is LVX Cashmere <- I, like, seriously can't get enough of it! And my accent nail features JulieG Sleigh Ride.
I applied two coats of Glitter Daze Reloaded over two nails on each hand. The mixture of neon glitters and black shards in this polish is wicked awesome!
I then applied butter LONDON Hardware over all of my nails except the textured accent nails.
Once dry came the rad part of layering various stamping images from my MoYou London Time Traveller Collection Back To The 80s Plate 01. In order to really channel the new wave vibe, I used several psychedelic colors - Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Lightening, Brisk Blue, and Snappy Sorbet - under Cult Nails Nevermore. I then sealed the stamped images off with another coat of Hardware.
And here's my left hand. I switched up the stamping a bit to keep it fresh. Plus, I really enjoy wearing gnarly manicures.
Righteous, right!? I found this manicure to be, like, totally tubular! As always, please feel free to leave any feedback, questions, or requests in the comments; and thank you for enduring my choice words.