Friday, February 7, 2014

Be My Paisley Valentine

Hello lovelies! Today I'm excited to share with you my paisley Valentine nails. I am a huge fan of paisley, but never have it on my nails because polish always gets stringy before I can complete all the details. Thus, I finally took the plunge into acrylic paints and I'm so happy I did! Wondrously Polished does beautiful nail designs with acrylics, including a recent paisley print. I did enter these nails in the Barielle and Nailpolis Valentine's contest; so if you like them I would appreciate the vote. There are some truly beautiful looks you should check out in the contests too!
I started out with a base of Cult Nails Morning Glory over all nails. This polish has a rubber finish, like most neons do, which did cause these nails to chip rather quickly. The color is gorgeous though, so if you're a one day polish wearer it's great. Below you can see it after topcoat.
I then used one coat of Happy Hands Metal Hearts over all accent nails (those that would not have paisley). For so reason I could not get this polish to photograph nearly as beautiful as it is in person.
I then applied a layer of my go to butter LONDON Hardware topcoat over all nails.
Next, I started working on my paisley design using a La Comeille18/0 spotter brush (from Michaels), rotating between the black and purple acrylic paint to get my desired effect. For those of you who have not used acrylics, it can be washed off with water if you make a mistake. Also, be sure to apply it with a wet brush. I just keep an old bottle cap filled with water next to me for both needs.
Unfortunately, I lost track of time while doing my nails - I probably should not have started them after 1030 pm, but I was so excited about my inspiration. Thus, you can see where some of my paint was a little thin. In my lightening I though I had layered over the balding spots, but in photos they are very apparent. Good news, in person they were hardly noticeable.
Overall, I am really pleased with how these nails turned out and I can't wait to try out other intricate designs and master this technique.
So what do you think? Have you used acrylic paints before or do you have a trick for keeping your polish thin with detailed application? Also, here is another Valentine's Day look for those of you who prefer stamping!