Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ghosts, & Tombstones, & Tutorials, Oh My!

Day 29 of Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge  2014 is inspired by the supernatural and my Cult Nails polishes <- because what better polish brand in my collection to inspire this look! This year I decided to take things in a more classic direction with ghostly nails in a commentary (tombstone) setting. I wanted to create something simple that even a novice with no extra tools could recreate. For those of you who desire more of a challenge, last year I did Sleepy Hollow inspired nails with a tutorial.
Since I'm including a tutorial in this post I'm going to leave the directions below it and then post my photos after rather than posting the how-to between photos.
1. Following base coat (optional), apply white polish (Tempst) for ghosts and gray polish (Faded) for tombstones.
2. Once dry apply black polish (Nevermore) to your tips as if you're doing a French manicure - this does not need to be perfect because the ghosts will get waves and tombstones can sit on uneven ground; although you can use tape if you prefer (be sure your nails are completely dry though). I chose to cover more of my nail tips on the gray and less on the white so in the end the black coverage is similar.
3. Apply waves/triangles above the tips on each ghost nails. I did this by wiping near all of the polish of of the brush and then setting it at an angle to the nail and swiping it until it the polish met up with the black tip of each nail. You could also do this by using a nail art brush or tape (cut jagged/wavy edges and apply to dry nail where you want the bottom of your ghost to be).
4. Draw on you ghost faces and tombstones however you desire. Again, I wiped nearly all of the polish off of my brush and the doodled as desired. You can also use a nail art brush, dotting/striping tool, toothpick, bobby pin. etc. And if you mess up just give the ghost a bigger expression like I did on my pointer.
5. Finish off with your favorite topcoat once the polish is dry. I used Waxed That for my final effect.
So, what do you think? Are ghosts up your alley this Halloween?
I can't believe I'm one day closer to finishing #31DC2014. Nearly there! To those of you who have finished - congratulations!