Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pretty Serious Turbo Boost Swatches and Review

I'm back again with day 23 of  Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge  2014, inspired by a movie, in this case the rumored Knight Rider :) My return home from vacation in October was made even better by my prize from a Digit-al Dozen giveaway, which was from the lovely and ever so kind Kim of Overall Beauty.
My wonderful surprise included a nail file, nail art decals, Pretty Serious Turbo Boost, eyebrow pencil, and eight mineral eye shadows. I'll post pics/review of the shadows later, but let me tell you they're great both wet and dry!
Pretty Serious Turbo Boost - One polish CAN make a difference! Our tribute to the car everyone wants to own, KITT from Knight Rider, is a jet black jelly with deep red bar glitter. Sleek, stealthy and classy all in one. It's also the inspiration for my challenge prompt - a cheat day yes, but I did have other nail art for this and then developed an unpleasant rash which led me to not photographing/sharing several looks. I had problems photographing this polish because of the dark base and, therefore, had to swatch it more than once (so please forgive the varying nail lengths.
I found the base to be slightly more crelly (creme-jelly) than jelly; which does cause the bar glitter to get lost slightly in the mix. I'm honestly a fan of cremes, so this did not bother me one bit; however, if you're a lover of glitter suspended throughout various layers of jelly polish, this may not be for you. I used three thin coats, but could easily get away with two normal to thick coats. I also found this polish leveled out nicely with application. The above photos are with indoor lighting, while the remainder are in outdoor lighting (but not direct sunlight as the sun has gone into hiding for the winter).
I found this polish to be deep and vampy; and feel nail art could easily be added (something I intended to do the following day and then chipped my nail on my hair, but solely because I used OPI Glitter Off).
Overall, I'm impressed with my first Pretty Serious polish and first interaction with/products from Overall Beauty. They were so wonderful when working with me for a prize, I can only imagine how wonderful their customer support is - especially when assisting with shadow selections and recommendations.