Tuesday, September 17, 2013

31DC2013 : Julep Neon Tribal Print

Day 16 of Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge 2013 is here (and past, because apparently I forgot to publish this post) and I am excited to share with you my neon tribal printed nails. I decided to use white for my tribal design, which makes it look a little Easter-y. Also, my polish got a little stringy, so please ignore that in my design. All the same, I really like how summery my nails turned out.

I, also, included a close up of some of my favorite designs.
 Colors used: Julep Lauren, Lexie, Payton, & Claire; & Art Club White.
If you've never tried Julep, check them out & become a Julep Maven here: http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/169683/. Becoming a maven allows you to get special monthly deals, discounts, and free shipping; plus you can cancel or skip boxes as you choose.
Please feel free to  leave me you're feedback on this manicure or any questions you might have. In addition, let me know if you have any requests/ideas you would like to see. All my polishes are purchased by me (or a gift from a friend, not supplier) unless otherwise stated.  
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