Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Hands Am I Not Yours? Ruffian Nails

I'm sorry I've been so absent yet again; I've been battling more health issues and trying to recuperate. I do not have much energy to write; but I really want to share this nail art look because it reminds me of spring! Also very delayed: this look is for day 31 of  Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge  2014 which is inspired by a nail art look done by Wondrously Polished.
The base is two to three coats of Happy Hands Am I Not Yours? There are a few patches visible in these photos that were not visible to the eye.
I then used a nail art brush and mixed acrylic paints for the nail art. Please forgive the wide, shaky lines - I've been having tremors. I'm going to let you just enjoy the rest of the photos.
I hope you liked the concept of this nail art look. I always enjoy finding ways to use glitter polish as the base of nail art. Please have a wonderful week; and I wish you all the best of health and happiness!