Wednesday, September 17, 2014


After wearing my day 12 nails all day I knew they weren't coming off; therefore, it was time for me to adapt them into my floral day 14 nails in Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge 2014. I love flowers and stripes together, they were even featured together in my very first post. I'd been yearning to do them together again, but just hadn't felt up to the challenge. With the base already on my nails I was half way there...
So, I wanted to change things up a little bit from first post by trying a different floral design. I loved my base nails so much I wanted something to accent them without detracting from there beauty. Honestly, I was more scared I would ruin the beautiful base I had to work with than anything.
After much brainstorming, I decided on roses. They're timeless and I'd never done them before - might as well check another goal off of my nail art list!
For the roses I decided to use acrylic paint. If they were an epic fail, I could wash them off; if they were a major win, I could put topcoat on. Win, win!
I started off the violet purple roses, then went back and added a few lavender ones for a bit more depth. I then added the detailing. This was all done with purple and white for various shaded from a standard set.
After I had all of the buds finished, I mixed green and white for the leaves. I then went in and added the vegetation. I can't tell you how excited I was getting about these nails while this step was happening. I was antsy just waiting for them to dry.
Once dry, I sealed these glorious nails off with OPI Matte Top Coat. I simply love matte nails; plus, I think nail art really shines (or doesn't..heh) when it's applied. Maybe, I should say, it takes center stage and is on full display. I am annoyed with the apparent film on my hands - did I not wash all the soap off before photographing? Who knows, just focus on the nail art, please!
I'm obsessed with these nails and so thankful I took the risk and painted over the base design. These may be my favorite nails of the #31DC2014 thus far. I'm probably not going to remove them until they chip, which means I'm going to be even more behind; but honestly, these nail art worth it!